Saved by grace, purchased with a price and born for a purpose.

I am: a woman, friend, daughter, sister, nurse, christian, worshiper, lover of Jesus, church and people.

I love: being in the house of God, reading, meeting people, encouraging, travelling, preaching, worshipping.

I will: endeavour to speak truth, share openly, challenge myself and others and make known the art of resilience and joy in a messy, complicated world.

Please: feel free to leave comments, share stories and build friendships, ask for prayer.

Much Love,


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amy. I found your blog via Facebook and am going to follow you if that’s okay. Currently I do volunteer work at the Annerley Church of Christ, where we have a Pantry Assist program. I really like your posts 🙂
    Helen (your Dad’s cousin)

    • Hi Helen,

      I’d be honoured to have you follow my blog! I’m glad you found it.
      I’ve written you a little private message on FB too. Thank you so much for saying ‘hi’.

      Ams x

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