Rebekah and the single ladies

Morning all,

While today’s story is specifically for all my single sisters, it is also for anyone waiting for God to fulfill a promise or those who need a little encouragement to know He is still at work in the silence.

A little prologue to today’s story would go something like this; Abraham and Sarah were very old when three visitors arrived in their camp. After an evening of feeding and attending to the guests it turned out the guests had a little something in return for their hosts. A promise. Actually, the reminder of an old promise of a child to be born unto Sarah’s barren womb, despite them both being past  childbearing years. In addition to this, Abraham was told he would be the father of many nations and that his offspring would outnumber the grains of sand in the sea and the stars in the sky. Hello, that’s a lot of kids! After a little laugh and a whole pile of doubt and another year on the clock, low and behold, there was a child and they named him Isaac. The family rejoiced and prospered and life continued. Now, Abraham became very old and the Lord had blessed him in every way and in preparation for his death he decided it was time to find a wife for his miracle son, Isaac (see Genesis chapters 17-24).

Queue Rebekah: A young woman  in the land of Ur of the Chaldeans, just doing what she does, fetching water, watering camels, assisting her father and mother with household chores and trusting the Lord. One day while she was going about her daily business, there was a newcomer at the well. He had travelled far and when he asked for water she gave it to him, and well, what the heck, She might as well water the camels too. This is after all what she ‘does’. Suddenly the man bowed down and brought out gifts and explained an unlikely story- he is the servant of a far-off master who had sent him in search of a wife for his son. It seemed strange, but the man had asked the God of his master to show him a sign and apparently she was it. Her family also seemed to think it was from God too because they bundled her up and shipped her off to Caanan where she was to meet Isaac. I wonder if she asked questions of the servant on her way to meet her new husband, like I would have: What did he do? What was he like? How big was his family? Finally they made it and she arrived in her new land, to her new home, to her new family to her new husband and her life changed forever.

Now to the point (did you think I was never going to get here?!). Can you imagine Rebekah sitting back contentedly on her porch in her old age reminiscing on her life? Thinking on the faithfulness of God, that out of all the women of  Ur of the Chaldeans, He would send a servant across the lands to find HER and bring HER all the way to Caanan where she joined not only a prosperous family but a family that God had directly spoken to and blessed. That their (and now HER) descendants would be as innumerable as the grains of sand in the ocean and that out of their family line would come a King. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. All that time when life seemed ordinary and she was just doing what she was doing, God was weaving her life into the tapestry of a story grander than any other story ever told. The story of Jesus.

Friends, as I’ve pondered these Genesis chapters over the last few weeks I have been greatly encouraged by the image of Rebekah on her porch in Chapter 24 ready to share her story to all who will stop and listen and hear. I imagine her saying something like this…


‘Do what God has set before you to do. Water your corner, serve your circle of influence and keep trusting Jesus. In due time God will bring you to the one for which He has purposed you. While it may not look like it, He is weaving you into a tapestry far larger, far more intricate and far more rewarding than you could have ever imagined it.’ – The Amy Interpretation

Soon, you too will be sitting back on your porch in the pages of history ready to tell your story of God’s faithfulness and how he expanded your world for the cause of His Kingdom, in ways you could never have imagined. Be blessed my friends, be encouraged and stay the course, He is working and his timing is perfect. Keep your eyes fixed on him and He will keep you in perfect peace until the time is right.

Valentines Day.jpg

Excuse my  dressing gown and bed face but I had a late night Valentines surprise from some sweet friends who wanted to let me know I am loved and that they’re praying for my future husband to send his servant across the desert to find me. Jokes!

4 thoughts on “Rebekah and the single ladies

  1. I stumbled on this thru a friend. Do you think were waiting too long??? Ruth in the bible asked Boaz out…. and Esther was in the kings harem. Rebekah didn’t even meet Isaac before she said yes…. I’m not sure….. I like Gods plan but how do I know what it looks like….

    • Hi Godz Gurl, this is such a big questions and I wish we could sit down and have a cup of tea and a long chat! I have a lot of thoughts on the matter but two main things come to mind… 1) In Genesis 2 we find Adam naming animals and doing what he does but also looking out for his partner which he can’t seem to find (can you imagine if he had?!!) So God put Adam into a deep sleep and out of his rib made him Eve. ‘Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh’. This tells me that God is invested in our love lives and will bring our partner to us when the time is right and probably while we’re not even looking (and that Adam, if left to his own devices would probably have made a very poor decision). 2) Psalm 84:11 promises that ‘No good thing does he withhold from those walk is blameless’. This means if we don’t have it yet it isn’t a good thing now! But when do have it, it will be the best gift from God and totally worth the wait! It also means He has some other ‘good’ for us in the mean time if only we would seek him for it :). I hope this encourages you today, praying for you my friend- I know the journey isn’t easy! xo

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