In retrospect.

When I was younger I loved the story of the virgin Mary, and her miracle baby, Jesus. I hoped that in the 21st century I could somehow be the new Mary and have my very own miracle (I was still in primary school). I used to play ‘mummy’ with my dolls for hours and pray that God would bring them to life. I may be the only child to have put the virgin Mary twist and prayer into my childhood games, but I know I wasn’t the only young girl playing the ‘mummy’ game!

With mothers day behind us (in Australia), we’ve all had the the opportunity to reflect on the women we are blessed to call Mum. Facebook has been scattered with photos, words of praise, affirmation and love for the people who brought us into this world! God definitely knew what He was doing when He made women and in turn, mothers.

Mums are protective and fierce, nurturing and loving. They are filled with wisdom, encouragement and sound advice. Mums have an incredible ability to mend what is broken, rebuild what has fallen and create something out of nothing. Mums are great at bringing correction and letting us make our own mistakes, all the while cheering us on. They are our biggest supporters… Mums are nurturers of life.

This ability to nurture is inbuilt into many women from a young age and is demonstrated in their choice of play. I believe it is in us, because it is in the character of God: Genesis 1:27 ‘So God created mankind in his own image’.

As we thank Mums across the world, I’m also taking a minute to thank God for them and for displaying His love through them! How blessed we are!

Happy Mothers Day! grad3

Ps. Sorry it’s been such a long time! Somehow the month of April completely escaped me!

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