Slow and steady

I wrote a song a few years ago and the chorus went something like this,

Never knew what’s on the inside of me,
till I saw it on the outside ’round me,
live it up, live it out, live loud.

Never knew that I was made for big things,
didn’t know that that could look like small things,
love a little, sing a little, live loud.
From the inside out.
(insert own tune ;))

I think I must be a slow learner, it has taken me a long time to realise that it is the insignificant, routine and sometimes mundane small things that make the impacting, lasting and big differences!
Let me explain. It’s putting that little bit of money diligently aside each pay that makes for a good savings account. It’s paying your bills on time that leads to a good credit rating. It’s building exercise and healthy eating into your youth that sustains good health as an adult. It’s praying diligently that brings answers. It’s reading your bible daily that builds faith and wisdom. It’s worshiping Jesus daily that instills awe and wonder into our hearts.

Value the little things and watch God turn your consistency and integrity into a mighty Kingdom impact!! “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones: (Luke 16:10, NLT).

P.S It’s loving unconditionally, bringing correction when needed and laughing lots that builds lasting friendships- Caught up with these fabulous friends and their husbands the other day, SO MUCH FUN! friendsbest

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