I would love to, but…
You are probably right, but…
You should do that, but…
I want to help, but…

Have you ever noticed that the word ‘but’ is often used with a negative connotation? ‘I really want to help you, but I’m busy today’…

Last week I received a letter that included this sentence,‘It’s been a really hard week, but God has been helping me through it’. The word ‘but’ really stood out to me in this. Instead of being used to bring a negative voice, it was used to bring a positive one. I LOVE that!! I think it is time we turned our buts around and started using them to declare truth!!

But, God is still in control
But, his grace is sufficient for me
But, by his strength
But, I am here with a purpose

What did you all get up to for Easter? I hope you had a lovely weekend.
I camped up a storm with some incredible people šŸ™‚

Easterfest 2013

Easterfest 2013

At the Mainstage

At the Mainstage

I LOVE carnival rides!

I LOVE carnival rides!

Much Love,
Ams x

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