Under pressure

Since moving house almost 8 months ago, I have started to walk to work. Apart from the heat of summer and the pouring rain, I’m pretty consistent, excluding an occasional late day where I’ll drive. My walk takes about 20-25 minutes each way, although I try and allow 30-40 minutes so I’ve got time to change my shoes and walk into the building cool, calm and collected.

Thursday, I had the morning at home and somehow in the relaxed start to the day I found myself running late! With just 20 minutes until my shift, I grabbed my belongings and made a mad dash out of the house. As I got to the front gate my mind made a snap decision and took me left and on a different route to my normal direction. As my legs walked as fast as they could, my brain hoped it had made a good decision and that this route would be quicker. It was!! I walked in, changed my shoes, all with a few minutes to spare!

As I reflected, I realised it’s not until pressure is applied that we are forced to reassess why we do, what we do. Either become more efficient or collapse under pressure; sink or swim if you will.
Had I not have had time pressure I would have walked the way I always walked. Pressure forced me to go in a different direction.

Pressure in our lives can be God making us more efficient, helping us prioritise what is important or steering us in another direction. How we respond to the pressure determines the outcome, do we go with the flow and allow God to work or dig our heels in and refuse to change?

When the pressure is on, I love going back to this verse:
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight (Proverbs 6:5-6).

As we grow and mature, I pray we would learn to trust God more, be adaptable under pressure and see the blessings in hindsight!

Much Love xo


Ps. Sorry about the delay. I’ve enlisted some editing assistance for your convenience and there is currently a little time delay!

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