Touch and Talk

In nursing we use the alliteration ‘touch and talk’ as a way to gauge the responsiveness of patients. Touch the patient with varying degrees of pressure and talk to the patient with increasing volume. It used to be ‘shake and shout’, but surprise, surprise the shaking did more harm than good.

As a nurse, I know that shaking and shouting at my patients, whether responsive or not, won’t get me very far. A kind word and a gentle touch however goes a long way in building trust, putting the patient at ease, defusing a heated situation and bringing relief. As a women I know that the questions ‘are you o.k., what do you need and how are you today’, when asked, have a way of easing my soul and relaxing my spirit. As for touch, well, a simple hug or a hand on the shoulder can reduce me to tears and bring peace flooding in when I’m busy or overwhelmed.

Life is messy, people are messy, some are even annoying. But everyone deserves the time of day for a hug or hand shake and a ‘how are you going’?.

I find it interesting that when healing the broken, Jesus laid hands hands on them and often asked the obvious questions like ‘what do you want’ even though He already knew the answers. Taking a leaf out of His book today, I will touch and talk to those in my world. No one should feel alone and isolated, unloved or unwanted when the Kingdom of heaven is being outworked by those who love Him.



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