Relocation, Relocation…

I’ve moved…or rather my blog moved. Having been a casual Tumblre user for a few years now, I finally made the big decision! Not to say that Tumblre hasn’t been faithful over the years. I just found it a little hard to navigate (which probably says more about me than the site itself), and it was hard to get consistent traffic through. Like a cul-de-sac that people drive straight past. After a bit of good old Google research, WordPress had some of the highest ratings, was super easy to navigate and felt a little bit more like a main road.

So welcome! I’ve uploaded two posts from my previous blog for sentiments sake and I hope you feel comfortable to pop in anytime. Here you will find a mish mash of thoughts, revelations, observations, insights and experiences from my life. My prayer is that these will provide encouragement, advice, inspiration and hope. That you will know that you are not alone and that in the chaos of life, you would find purpose!

Much love on a rainy afternoon,

Amy xo

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