Living In The Slipstream

I attended a church service recently where the preacher mentioned a concept she termed the ‘slipstream of Grace’. The term captured my heart with the depth of truth that it held.

A slip stream is the region behind a moving object in which a wake of fluid, air or water is moving at a comparable speed. An object caught in the slip stream behind another object experiences less pressure and requires less power to maintain its course. While physics is not my strong point I can’t help but see the parallel to this phenomenon and our walk with Christ.

The scriptures say ‘In this life you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world’ (John 16:32-33). When we step into the slipstream of God’s grace we enter into a place of rest and ease. While the troubles, trials and stressors of life still occur, the pressure is not as strong and we required less power to keep on keeping on.

To step into the slipstream we need to acknowledge that in our own strength we can accomplish nothing but through Christ all things are possible. We need to know that He has plans for us and that those plans are for good and not for evil. To stay living in the slip stream we must trust that He has gone before us and prepared the way. That He is our provider, our ever present help in times of trouble. That He is the healer of our diseases, forgiver of our sins, deliver, Savior and friend.

I praise God that even though His grace is undeserved (by me especially), that it is freely given!

#Living in the Slipstream of Grace.


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