Just A Thought

Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys; names synonymous with ADVENTURE! Growing up nothing demanded more of my time than heart thumping, curiosity gripping, bravery filled adventure novels. I would tuck myself away and devour book after book, engrossed as if I were the main character. As if the safety of my friends depended on it and justice for my neighborhood was waiting for my delivery of it.

Even now in my mid-twenties, I recently found myself thrilled at the idea of ‘staking out’ a beautiful but derelict and abandoned property we found in the heart of Auburn; Sydney, Australia. Its boarded up windows and high fence encased with barbed wire made my heart cry with desperation to know what was on the inside! As I viewed its beautiful columns, shattered windows, glorious deck and adorable attic window I imagined it in all its glory and longed to see the potential of the inside. ‘My house’ I declared as my friends and I wandered around the outside and tried to peer through the cracks in the fence. We weren’t the only people enthralled by its towering, statuesque appearance. Some neighborhood children responded to its mystery by jumping the small front fence, running up the short path and banging on the door before retreating quickly.

Why is it that adventure calls out name? Why is it that it captures our attentions, quickens our spirit and beckons us in? Why is it that something so abandoned, so dirty and so broken can speak volumes of beauty and promise? Is it because as children of the King we are called to restore, renew and bring life? Is it because life in the Kingdom is meant to be so much more than token prayers, and a short scan of the word? Is it because we are to see the best and not the worst? Is it because we’re called to wake up and participate in the battle that is raging around us? Is it because we’re to reach out, thump on the door of hurting humanity and instead of running for safety, stand firm and wait for its response?

Just some thoughts from a novel reading, Kingdom loving, door thumping, adventure junkie on a cold winters evening!!

Much Love xo

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